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Slõ Talk Where we talk about everything thickened drinks & their role in Managing & living with dysphagia

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Monday Jun 20, 2022

We talk to Professor David Smithard about Dysphagia and his recent paper exploring the case for recognising it at a Geriatric Giant.

Wednesday Mar 16, 2022

In this special edition of Slõ Talk, we talk to Ben Hanson of IDDSI about how the initiative is Changing the way the people think about Thickening food and drink and how Global standards in this area have helped in the management of Dysphagia.

Tuesday Oct 05, 2021

One of our drivers is keeping things simple for carers & those living with Dysphagia.In this episode of SlõTalk, we discuss all things IDDSI, and how their standards are making it simple to ensure that drinks are delivered at the right flowrate.
IDDSI is a great standard. We talk about how to make sure your thickened drink adheres to that standard ensuring the correct flowrate as prescribed by the clinician.

Wednesday Apr 21, 2021

Today in Slõ Talk, we talk about how different drinks effect the flow rate of thickened drinks and how to ensure that all drinks whether hot, cold or fizzy are the right flow rate.

Tuesday Mar 02, 2021

Today in Slõ Talk, we talk Temperature, how it effects the flow rate of thickened drinks and how to ensure drinks maintain their flow rate over time.

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